RESISTANCE IN INTELLECTUAL HISTORY AND POLITICAL THOUGHT University of Sussex, 15th and 16th September 2016



All sessions will take place in Jubilee Building, room 144

Thursday 15th September


Iain McDaniel & Gordon Finlayson (Sussex)               Welcome & introductory remarks

2:15-3:45          Chair: Gordon Finlayson (Sussex)

Sophie Nicholls (Oxford)                   Defending ‘la patrie’: theorists of resistance in the French Catholic League

Signy Gutnick Allen (York)              Early Modern Punishment and Resistance Rights

3:45-4:15            Coffee break

4:15-5:45               Chair: Sarah Mortimer (Oxford)

Rémy Duthille (Bordeaux)                The English rational dissenters and the duty of resistance

Reidar Maliks (Oslo)                          Resistance and revolution in late eighteenth-century Germany

7:30                      Dinner (venue tbc)


Friday 16th September

9:15–10:45        Chair: Andrew Chitty (Sussex)

Iain McDaniel (Sussex)                      Resisting the Demos? Resistance and Popular Sovereignty in early nineteenth-century Europe

Julia Nicholls (Oxford)                      The Boundaries of Resistance: Revolutionary Thought in Post-Revolutionary France

10:45-11:15          Coffee break

11:15-12:45         Chair: Joanne Paul (Sussex)

Tim Stanton (York)                            “and perhaps their Religion too”: resistance and religion from Locke to Barth

Caroline Ashcroft (Cambridge)          Resistance and the Limits of Nonviolence in Arendt’s Political Thought

12:45-1:45          Lunch break

1:45-4:00             Chair: Iain McDaniel (Sussex)

Louiza Odysseos (Sussex)                  Human rights and/as counter-conduct: resistance between limited political action and ‘illimitable’ ethical self-formation

Denis Chevrier-Bosseau (Sussex)       Contesting the Present: Nietzsche and Resistance in the Age of Whistleblowers

Lawrence Hamilton(Wits/Cambridge)     Resistance and Radical Democracy: Freedom, Power and Institutions

4:00-4:15             break

4:15-4:45            Concluding remarks led by Andrew Chitty (Sussex) and Joanne Paul (Sussex)

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