Research grants

There are several possibilities for research grants to study at the archive collection.

Please consult the relevant pages on the University of Poitiers website : chercheurs internationaux.

-If your university has an exchange programme with Poitiers University (bilateral or part of a network – IRUN, COIMBRA, ERASMUS, ERANET MUNDUS Russia, ERANET MUNDUS Al Idrissi -Maghreb) – please check on this link (although it is not 100% up to date) – this may be used.

Please contact your university international relations department or Poitiers International Relations office.

-If you are a full professor or a have a full post-doc research position there are twice yearly submissions for grants from the Poitou-Charentes Region in collaboration with and via the Poitiers research laboratories in social sciences concerned with the collection : CRIHAM, MIMMOC in particular.

Please contact the relevant persons in those laboratories.

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